GamingUnity (4662231)

Gaming is fun, but its better when you can talk together. So join us in our GamingUnity RaidCall Group.

Download RaidCall for free at then sign up for a free account.

Once signed in search for the "Gamingunity" group (ID 4662231) and kick back and chat in the lobby or join game rooms to s top cross game chatter


As you know Dayz is an open can and you can do what you like. We won't stop you but we would like all GamingUnity players to place a [GU] in their player name and if you run into another [GU] player you know they are friendly and please do not shoot them. If you do kill GU members its not a problem and you won't be kicked. But there will be a bounty placed on your head.

We want to encourage GU players to work together to build a better community during these hard times of a zombie apocalypse


Fancy burning rubber or just wanted to slip a banana under someone's wheels?

Well join the GamingUnity community with weekly leaderboards. See if you can rack up the points and become Number 1 in the GamingUnity Mario Kart 7 leaderboard


The Minecraft server is no professionally hosted just yet, so this means we can't keep it on all the time. McNandy is currently hosting it on his own server so once we know we have a few people willing to play we will turn it on as its needed. We will be getting a dedicated server very soon so watch this space.