GamingUnity 3
Written by JurassicJunkie on October 29 2012 10:23 AM
In the past, we have spoken about GamingUnity updates... and yes the site has been lacking over the past month but there is a big reason behind it; things are about to change.

McNandy and I have worked hard on this site over the past year but we both have full times jobs it has been a task to keep up with the site. So I’ve decided to hand in my notice and become a full time web designer. I will be spending some of my time working on client websites to bring in some money for bills but aside from that I will be spending most of my time working on the new site. McNandy is already chomping at the bit to get down to some coding so over the next few months we will be both working on a new site. He's also in the process of changing his own job which should free up more of his time for GamingUnity.

So, what's coming first?

Well we started out being the 19,334,575th most visited site in the world, and we wanted to become one of the top million as a goal. We are now very happy to say we are ranked ~195,766 and have broken our target, but with this traffic comes a lot of bandwidth so today we will be buying a new private server to speed up your viewing pleasure. This does mean you might see the site go down a few times in the next 48 hours.

We have been asked a few times why we don't allow users to upload images, and the simple reason was bandwidth and security. Thanks to a new server and working with’s developer program we will be rolling out the ability to host images and to quickly view peoples' photos of their game room, latest pickups. game characters and other hilarious screenshots.

XP system
You will have noticed that over time you have been earning XP but you don't appear to have a reason for it? Well over the next month you will be able to unlock extra parts of the site and earn even more XP from doing basic things such as posting a link on Facebook. The new XP system will look a lot more like a RPG stats system than the old standard level up meter, as it will be a lot more varied.

Quick Features and Widgets
You might have noticed the “Top 5” bar was removed from the top of the site, this was to improve on site speed. However, it will be coming back along with a widget bar that you will be able to customize to show news, content and even external website feeds.

With every game and console you can write a review, add videos, add images (well, next week you can!) but we also want you to be able to add mods and files so you can direct download indie games or map packs via the site.

A new site
Some of you old school users might remember GamingUnity 1, the design was put together before we'd fully created the site, so the site soon outgrew the design. The current design (known to us as GU2) has been much more suited, but as we have plans to roll out many more features we feel a redesign is needed. This will mean you can do more on the site with less clicks; as the internet is becoming more powerful we want to harness this and give you a fantastic speedy and user friendly experience.

Mobile site
We're also very glad to say that once we've got the masses of work involved in completing all of the above done we'll also be looking into rolling out an Android and iOS app for GamingUnity, so you can take the site with you wherever you go!

And a load of other stuff
On top of all this we will be rolling out a chat room where you can watch YouTube videos in sync with everyone else in the room. Justin.TV will also be built in so you can watch live gaming at any time. The ability to add your own games for sale. A trade site so you can swap and share unwanted games and a big bag of more updates we have planned to role out.

So for everyone who is still around, we really appreciate the time people have invested in to the site so far and McNandy and I are over the moon how far the site has come, but its now time to change gears and make this site bigger, faster and with more features and content.
Asustaba November 03 2012 04:23 PM
So looking forward to that! But... Still... No... Translation...
McNandy November 05 2012 02:10 PM
Moving to a new dedicated virtual machine opens up the ability for us to provide as many different sub-domains as we can for different languages. This will allow us to keep different language discussions separate :D

It may be some time, and I probably sound like a broken record, but watch this space!

Thanks for your patience and dedication :)
kurtman96 October 30 2012 03:45 PM
holy moly man! awesome!
yoshi64 October 29 2012 09:57 PM
sounds good

NemisisX31 October 29 2012 08:47 PM
So keen! :D
powerhouse258 October 29 2012 04:10 PM
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