Pumpkin Competition
Written by JurassicJunkie on October 17 2012 12:01 PM
It's that time of year again where we try and scare little kids or just fill our tummy with candy. As you know you can't have Halloween without pumpkins, so here at GamingUnity we wanted you to show off your skills. To sweeten the deal we will also chuck in $15 worth of points for your system of choice (Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Wii and steam)

All pumpkins must be based around gaming
You must film your end result and submit it to this competition
Write the words "GamingUnity" on paper and include this in your video to prove this is your video.
The winner will be picked on November 1st
The winner will the the person with the highest video rating.

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$7.95 - 55 seconds left
(Nearly New) Finding Nemo SLUS-20628 THQ Sony PS2 Video Game #XclusiveDealz
$2.99 - 56 seconds left
Sniper Elite V2 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2012)
$8.00 - 58 seconds left
KOWLOON'S GATE PS1 Playstation PS Import Japan Video Game p1
$70.00 - 1 minute left
PS2 PaRappa the Rapper 2 Japan Import Game PlayStation 2 JAPAN IMPORT F/S
$20.00 - 1 minute left
KUBO SENKI Kuubo Playstation Import Japan Video Game p1
$84.22 - 1 minute left
$1.29 - 1 minute left
Ultra-thin Mini Game Controller Mobile Joystick For Smart Phone Tablet
$91.19 - 1 minute left
PS VITA Cho Megamishinkou Noir Gekishin Black Heart Limited Edition PSV Japan