Source Engine 2 Found In Source Filmmaker Files
Written by Tintin nitniT on August 09 2012 08:17 PM
According to some users over at, if you look through the newly released Source Filmmaker, you can find files the have references to a "Source 2" and a new Half-Life game.

For those of you who don't know, Source Filmmaker is a tool that utilizes film-making tools within the source engine, allowing you to create films using the engine that supports games such as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and more.

So far, each new engine made by Valve has been introduced with a Half-Life game, which is probably going to be the case with this engine. This is huge news if you've been waiting for the next installment in the Half-Life series, the last one having been released a little over five years ago(2007!).

Hopefully this is hinting a new Half-Life game in the near future for all of the fans who've been waiting!

Here's the file path on the hard drive: ".../SourceFilmmaker/game/sdktools/python/global/lib/site-packages/vproj/"

Valvetime article

Tintin nitniT August 10 2012 06:20 AM
Wow! So glad my article got accepted...
MOTOSAW1013 August 09 2012 09:06 PM
dude fuking awsome

Tintin nitniT August 10 2012 06:20 AM
I know! ;o
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