Dayz DDOS attack
Written by JurassicJunkie on July 02 2012 07:33 PM
This afternoon I launched Dayz to get my fill of zombie killing (well, zombie avoiding) to find the screen hangs at "Waiting for character to create"

I just gave up and played another game, now its become night I've decided to give it another game now my friends are all getting home from work to find the same problem.

I asked in the in game chat if anyone else is having a problem and I was pointed to "dayzdevteam" twitter account

Experiencing a sustained network issue with our central server that appear to be a major DDoS attack. Most users will not be able to connect

Since then they have posted

Services have now been restored thanks to solid efforts from Ander and Viper. Although there may be additional outages at any time. -Rocket

I then checked on 10 different servers to find no one can log in yet.

So for fun I told Dayz players I would upload a screen shot of the chat to gamingunity and was a little shocked how clean their language was ;)

Fingers crossed they will get the servers up and running again soon.
Mad Mags July 02 2012 07:53 PM
I've only managed to connect to 2 servers in 2 hours tonight. Also.. why aren't you on Raidcall?
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