Nudity, Car Surfing and over the top guns.. can only mean Saints Row 4
Volition have put out the new trailer to the next installment to the crazy over the top shooter Saints Row 4.

I was a very big fan of Saints Row 3, from a distance the game looks like a cheap GTA knock off with silly childish gimmicks. Put once get your hands on that big purple dildo and streak around the city you realise the game doesn't take itself serious because its only about one thing, FUN.

A lot of games tend to try and be too realistic or try and push a mediocre story on to your, but a lot of developers have forgot that sometimes all we want is fun.

The above trailer has the following in its youtube description

[quote]"Saints Row IV™ - From the Crack House to the White House
The ball-busting next chapter in the Saints Row franchise, is starting a party in your pants this August.
Developed by Volition, Saints Row IV will launch on current-gen consoles and PC on August 20, 2013, in North America and August 23, 2013, in the rest of the world."

Nice to see another game I can look forward to before this generation of gaming ends.

We're now more than halfway through January, and I'm sure most of you have noticed that over the passed month there's been a distinct lack of content on GamingUnity. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one has to be that we are a bit short on time. I have recently started a new job and need to concentrate on that to in order to understand the application my new company provides and how their estates run. As a benefit from this though, there are numerous things I am already picking up that will help me tweak GamingUnity to be more efficient and help me set up some extra services for us to provide.

As most of you will be aware, JurassicJunkie recently left the security of being employed full time to take on the interesting but not necessarily reliable world of free lance web design (with the hopes to also free up more time to work on GamingUnity, but alas... this is not yet the case).

Due to this we need to ask you, our community, for assistance. Have any of you ever fancied writing gaming news, blogs, or other literary treats? Perhaps you've been wanting to break into journalism but just can't seem to get anywhere to publish you? I'm not going to lie, as you know we are not amongst the bigger sites, who writing for would instantly land you global gaming recognition. Nor are we even able to pay you for writing (GamingUnity just about breaks even for our server costs). What we are able to provide is a platform to start getting yourself noticed on and to hone your authoring skills.

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The year 2012 is now over and its just a distant memory to us. The year was full of great games, a new console from Nintendo, the death of some great dev teams and a lot of rumors about the up and coming next gen consoles.

I had to have a good hard think as to what I thought the best game of the year was as I tend to always pick the last game I played simply due to the fact I’m still on the honeymoon period and have learnt I need to wait a few weeks before making a real decision - like was a shotgun wedding in Vegas a good idea?

So the time has now passed and I can honestly say I still think Far Cry 3 was the best game I played.

When I first watched trailers and the odd bit of game footage I thought the game would be “good” but not great, but was blown away after just 1 hour of playing.

A lot of people have pointed out the story is not amazing and they wasn’t happy with the end, but the reason I love it so much is one simple word... FUN.

After learning that I could carry more weapons, loot and ammo by simply skinning animals I set off hunting on the gorgeous looking map and was shocked when I noticed 6 hours had passed. I tried to balance the game with a few story missions and a lot of side questions/games and felt the game was a good size for the price. Then to top if off is the multiplayer, coop and even map editor this game give you your moneys worth in game hours.

I’ve now set off to play the game a second time but on hard, and not allowing myself to use fast travel just to spice the game up.

So now to point the microphone to you, what is your number 1 game of the year and why?
Any of you out there Duke Nukem 3D fans? I thought so!

Good Old Games are currently offering the ass-kicking, bubblegum chewing's first three dimensional outing for free, until December 14th, 14:59 GMT so

Also of note (for me) on the Christmas deals are Dungeon Keeper 2 for $3, Theme Hospital for $3 and Roller Coaster Tycoon for $3 as well!

Go to to see all the deals, but seriously, grab Duke Nukem for some nostalgia!
We all know it's coming, so let's get it out of the way now.... Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

This week in the UK we've been lucky enough to be graced with the release of Far Cry 3, an open-world shoot or stealth 'em up with a few RPG elements thrown in for good measure. I've been playing this for a few hours so far, and I can confidently say that it's pretty damned good. From the gritty and heart-pounding intro to sneaking up on an enemy base only to be ambushed by a leopard, this game certainly has a lot to it. Based on my few hours so far, I would recommend this game to anyone who is after a game that allows a similar choice in approach as Dishonored but with a fair bit more variety. Although you won't be leaving many enemies alive, the dynamic nature of the world allows for very different encounters, often of the unexpected variety.

There's also a wide variety of WiiU games being released, the most notable of which being ZombiU due to the fact that it's one of the few brand new games for the console. WiiU owners will also have a chance to play some games that there's a high probability that they've already completed on a different system but with some extras thrown in to try and entice people to return.

As my girlfriend is off to the nation's capital today I have the house to myself and will be indulging in a variety of games - some Far Cry 3 of course, Dark Souls as usual, a bit of Borderlands 2 LAN and some DayZ if we can get a response from our host regarding server issues we're having. Our private-hive server should be open to the public for a bit of playing around in preparation for the DayZ standalone, provided one of the repeated 'update' clicks over the space of an hour actually has an effect. Which reminds me... Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

What will you be indulging in this weekend? Please, do share in the comments below!
Happy Birthday goes out to Xbox Live that has turned 10 today. Its crazy to think a decade has passed since the service was launched. It only feels 10 years ago since I was playing Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast, oh how I miss those 56k dial up sounds.

So to celebrate Microsoft are giving away Wreckateer for the next 48 hours and they have chopped the price of Castle Crashers from 1200 MS Points to 600.

Ok this is not the best birthday I’ve been to, the best one was back in the day when me and the 3DO got smashed off our face on Absinthe and then took a pair of whor... infact best leave that there..

Here is a special message from Marc Whitten the Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE

Dear Xbox LIVE Members:

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Xbox LIVE and on this very special day I want to thank you for helping us make LIVE what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. Over the last 10 years you’ve helped us define LIVE as the best place to play online and the definitive online gaming experience for two generations of Xbox consoles, and you’ve helped us evolve LIVE into a full entertainment service, delivering amazing games, sports, movies, TV and music.

It’s fitting to be celebrating our anniversary on the heels of launching two of the most anticipated games of the year; Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The time you’ve spent playing these games and enjoying entertainment on Xbox has set new records for the service. I’m proud to announce that during the week from 6th November to the 13th November, our members spent more time on Xbox LIVE (gaming and watching entertainment) than any other week in the history of our service: a total of 442 million hours. And Halo 4, which broke entertainment industry numbers, resulted in the LIVE community unlocking 43 million achievements in just the first five days of gameplay.

This year, we had an average of 9.4 million people a week using multi-player gaming on Xbox LIVE and in the 10 years of LIVE, nearly 14.5 billion Achievements have been unlocked worldwide, accumulating a total combined Gamerscore of more than 270 billion.

For those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, you might remember the introduction of online multiplayer, the blade design of the dashboard, Halo 2 on Xbox LIVE, the Xbox LIVE Arcade retail disc, or downloading your gamer pic and instant messaging with your friends for the first time. Since those early days, Xbox LIVE has evolved at an amazing pace. We have scores of entertainment apps worldwide and we just added Internet Explorer to the service. We’ve also gone far beyond the console with Xbox on Windows 8 and Xbox SmartGlass* on all your favourite devices.

If the last 10 years is any indication of what’s possible in the next 10 years, imagine the innovation yet to come. One thing is for sure - we will continue to offer some of the best entertainment, from premium games, sports, TV, movies, web to music. To the members who’ve been with us since the beginning – I sincerely thank you, both for your support and your feedback. And for those of you that have just become members, a very warm welcome.

So to all our 40+ million LIVE members in 41 countries around the globe, a very happy anniversary - we wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone without you!

See you on Xbox,

Marc Whitten

Gamertag – Notwen
Games. They're fun. Most of the time. Why do we play them? I found myself recently asking this... not because I wasn't having fun; because in changing the way I play games, I started having a lot more fun... and also feeling guilty, but we'll get to that later.

After recent occurrences with Dark Souls and Dishonored, I’ve established that generally I play games for the story. Sure, it’s generally saving some form of world from some form of guaranteed annihilation but regardless, saving the world is generally an interesting enough pastime. "But Dark Souls barely has any story (unless you look for it), and the story for Dishonored was ‘good’ at best!" I feel you thinking. Well, it’s the fact that I’ve gone back to play these games again because the mechanic is fun that has brought it to my attention that I usually play for the story. Experiencing the same story over and over again isn’t as fun as teleporting on top of someone to rain down all forms of death is.

I regret the amount I haven’t experimented with games before tiring of them. I wish I had tried to pull off some awesome kills in Dead Island (which I finally completed with my friend last weekend!), such as actually learning to use the analogue controls instead of pissing myself at the jumping animation for about 5 minutes every single time we started playing. Granted, I could never get to grips with the analogue controls as I play with the Y-Axis inverted but it’s just an example. I didn’t take the time to make the game as much fun as it could have been.

I found Minecraft incredibly fun, until I ran out of ideas for things to make. After making a fully automated slaughterhouse (inspired by JJ) from gathered resources in Survival mode, I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the game, so perhaps it is my own creativity that limits my enjoyment of some games. I’d love to play with Gary’s Mod, but what the hell I’d do I don’t know.

I find Dark Souls fun due to the honour system that the hardcore have brought to it - I invade people’s worlds to kill them and set them back a bit (as many, many people did to me)... but whenever I do, I will make sure that they’ve seen me so we can have a fair fight. Then when they backstab me whilst I’m bowing I’ll get somewhat over excited about the whole dishonourable thing, but I also find that fun as I’ll often get to beat them down. After giving a beat down I’ll frequently feel bad and join a co-op covenant to help some people and redeem my soul.

Borderlands 2 is something else that is played for pure fun, despite actually having a bit of a story in this iteration. Not a session goes by where neither me or my co-op partner aren’t on the cusp of incontinence related embarrassment due to the writing in that game, but a lot of our enjoyment has stemmed from the enemies of this game. One specific enemy and his variants to be precise - the Goliath. Finding a Goliath is like finding a spindly headed pot of fun for us. As I’m sure many of you reading this will know, if you take the head off a Goliath, some tiny head grows in it’s place and the Goliath enters a form of Berzerker mode, attacking anything and everything. Simply dodging this monstrosity and getting them to kill their former allies is entertaining enough, but the most fun that can be drawn from them is getting them to fight one another. I can remember it now, we ventured out the back of Ellie’s scrap yard to find a lone house. Upon approaching, a Goliath emerged so we took his head off. Then another one did. And another... and another. After watching the Goliaths demonstrate the theory of natural selection, we were treated to something that neither of us expected - a Midget Goliath.

All I can say is that Borderlands 2 is yet to make me laugh quite as much as it did when showing me a Hulking Mass of Meat fighting a Raging Midget Goliath. Yes, the attack animations are pretty lame but my god. Fucking. Hilarious.

Dishonored compelled me to play the game in it’s different ways, providing both stealth and action orientated entertainment... but it also made me feel bad. I’ve never felt bad about ending the virtual lives of enemies before, especially when they belong to a religious cult that runs a city with an iron fist. I won’t spoil much as I’m sure not everyone has had a chance to complete or even try it yet, but all I can say is... when I got to the end of my “action” (read: killing everything) playthrough, the cliche thought of “What have I done?” crossed my mind.

So... why was I writing this again? Oh yes. Why do you play games? How do they make you feel?

Is it for fun?
Is it for the emotional experience?
Is it to feel like a badass when you save the universe from guaranteed extinction?
Or... is it simply because it allows you to do things that most of us will never get to, or want to have to, do in real life?

Let me know in the comments below, I’m genuinely interested!

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